Pikachu Key Cosy free crochet pattern

It's a Pikachu, it's a key cosy, it's a Pikakicosi !!

Here is my brand new free pattern and step-by-step crochet tutorial, with a Pikachu and some tiny-tiny pokeballs.

I love key cosies ! Before I started crochet 2 years ago, I did not even know what's a key cosy, but when I saw a Totoro key cosy on a blog, I knew I would make many of them.

So, it's kinda of obvious that I would design a Pikachu one of these days.

And guess what? it's d-day !! So, here is Pikakicosi !

Lately I joined a great bunch of people on Facebook : the CrochetGo! group dedicated to crochet and Pokemon. With a little group of trainers-pattern-testers volunteers, we went through this pattern to bring you the best possible step-by-step tutorial. It's been very funny to hold a CAL Pikakicosi session.

And I hope we'll do it again. Many thanks to all those very nice and precious people from CrochetGo! group (and credits to them below)

Pikachu Key Cosy free crochet pattern by MyLittleCuteAmis

*MATERIAL Yarn yellow, black red and white for 3,5 mm hook size Type of yarn : Charly de Phildar or Red Heart Super Saver 2 x 10 mm safety eyes and white permanent marker or nail polish Filling fiber Key ring Black thin nylon cord if you don't want to make a Crochet-cord A needle for sewing

Stitches (US crochet terms) / Points utilisés

MR = magic ring / cercle magique

SC / MS = single crochet / maille serrée

CH / ML = chain / maille en l'air, chainette

HDC / DB = half double crochet / demi bride

SL ST / MC = slip stitch / maille coulée

INC / AUGM = invisible increase / augmentation invisible

DEC / DIM : invisible decrease / diminution invisible

*TECH HELP NEEDED ? Check awesome tutorials for crochet and Amigurumi here : Magic ring (right handed) : http://www.planetjune.com/blog/tutorials/magic-ring-right-handed/

Magic ring (left handed) : http://www.planetjune.com/blog/tutorials/magic-ring-left-handed/

Invisible decrease for amigurumi : http://www.planetjune.com/blog/amigurumi-help/invisible-decrease/

Invisible increase for amigurumi : http://www.planetjune.com/blog/invisible-increase-for-amigurumi/

Crochet back loops only : http://www.planetjune.com/blog/front-loops-back-loops-both-loops/

Perfect finish for amigurumi : http://www.planetjune.com/blog/the-ultimate-finish-for-amigurumi/

Crochet a cord : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-SP6PwjzDE

*BODY in YELLOW Starting magic ring is made with a single loop : it should be a little loose for the cord to go through it twice : too loose and your keys will always slide out, too tight and it will be difficult to get them out... So it's better to start with a single loop magic ring then to fit the hole size after you have set the cord. To fit the size of your magic ring, pull the yarn to the desired hole size after your cord is set (last part of the pattern), then make a knot and weave end.

1/ mr (with a single loop) 6sc 2/ inc x 6 (12) 3/ [inc sc] x 6 (18) 4/ [inc sc sc] x 6 (24) 5/ [in sc sc sc] x 6 (30) 6 - 25 / (20 rows) 30 sc (30) fo, weave end

Pikachu Key Cosy free crochet pattern by MyLittleCuteAmis

*EARS x make 2 start in black 1/ mr 6 sc (6) 2/ 6 sc, (6) sl st, change color to YELLOW 3/ 6 sc (6), 4/ [inc sc sc] x 2 (8) 5-7 / (3 rows) 8 sc (8) 8/ [sc sc dec] x 2 (6) fo leave a long tail for sewing

*CHEEKS x make 2 1/ mr, 8 hdc, sl st , fo leave a tail for sewing


1/ mr 6sc (6) 2/ [inc sc] x 3 (9) 3/ 9 sc (9), change color to BLACK 4/ 9 sc BLO (9), change color to RED 5/ 9 sc BLO (9), stuff firmly 6/ 9 sc (9), stuff again 7/ [dec sc] x 3 (6), fo leave a tail to close the ball

POKEBALL button Sew white yarn over the black stripe, using upper and lower hole of the black stripe, a basic loop around the same stitch until you have a good amount of yarn. With black yarn, embroider a border around the white button with 2 satin stitches like this, I use same stitches for the mouth)

(source for satin stitches : MollieMakes.com):

Pikachu Key Cosy free crochet pattern by MyLittleCuteAmis

*FACE - Insert EYES between row 11 and 12 There should be 7 visible holes between the eyes. Trim excess shank. Add a drop of superglue if you think you need it. To make white dot on eyes use a white permanent marker or a white nail polish, using punch-holes reinforcement stickers to make a perfect circle. Take care to take off the sticker before the nail polish has dried - Nose is embroidered between row 13 and 14 - Mouth is embroidered between 15 and 17 - Cheeks are sewed one stitch away from the side of the mouth and one stitch away from the eye - Sew ears after row 3, with 3 stitches to row 5/6

*BACK Embroider black stripes using surface crochet stitches start on same row as the nose, centered (relative to the ears) UPPER STRIPES : 7 stitches then 5 stitches on lower row fo, weave end inside pika's body skip 3 rows, centered : LOWER STRIPES : 9 stitches, then 9 stitches on lower row fo, weave end inside pika's body

Pikachu Key Cosy free crochet pattern by MyLittleCuteAmis

*CROCHET CORD* Make a crochet cord about 20 cm (7/8 inches) Alternative : you can use a black thin/medium nylon cord to Sew cord end in one of the tiny Pokeball, With needle, pull the other end through magic ring on top of the head inside pika's body, then through the key ring, then back out in the mr and sew this other end to the 2nd pokeball. When going through the magic ring twice with the needle take great care not to go through any other stitch or piece of yarn, both part of the cord must move freely in the magic ring, only Pokeballs won't let them get loose (at this point you can fit the size of your magic ring, see first part of the pattern).

To get your keys out, just pull them

& to get them back in, pull both Pokeballs simultaneously And your keys go back to the cosy, it's almost magic !!

*TAIL (option)

with black yarn : Ch 4 +1 turn 4 sc ch1 turn 4 sc change color yellow ch 3 + 1 turn 5 sc ch 1 turn 5 sc ch 4+1 8 sc ch 1 turn 8 sc, fo, weave end

you can either sew the tail on the back keeping the top free this way :

Pikachu Key Cosy free crochet pattern by MyLittleCuteAmis

or... you can sew it to a cord and attach to the key ring so it will help to pull out the keys, this way :

Thanks for help with the pattern goes to : Leigh




Sarah P

Sarah T



Wendi Yadira

and... Anna from Instagram

Pikachu, Pokeball and Pokemon sont des copyright Nintendo.

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Pikachu, Pokeball and Pokemon are copyright Nintendo.

This pattern is an original pattern by Nathalie Nuisement - MyLittleCuteAmis. All photos are rights reserved ©Nathalie Nuisement

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